Q: I am sorry to take your precious time. I wish to know why the Infallible Imams (A.S) are superior to the other prophets, peace be upon them. Are all the Imams (A.S) in the same rank? I mean all the fourteen infallible, peace be upon them. Is the Prophet of Islam, peace be upon him and his family, superior to all other prophets?

A: There is no doubt that the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him and his family, is superior to all the prophets. Since the Verse of Mubahala (malediction) describe the Commander of the Faithful, Ali (A.S) as nafs (soul/self) of the Prophet (S), it is therefore concluded that he is superior to the prophets before the Messenger of Allah (S). As for the other infallible Imams (A.S), they are also superior to the other prophets and they are in the same rank in terms of superiority to the prophets. May Allah grant you success.

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