In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

A Brief Introduction of Islamic Truths Centre and Shi’ism Basic Studies Workgroup

Established in the year 2005, the Islamic Truths Centre’s main activity primarily revolved around researching, translating and publishing works authored by Ayatollah Ali Husseini Milani. As well, the Center has been dealing with doubts and spurious questions regarding religious beliefs, holding seminars and question-and-answer sessions with Sunnis and followers of other schools in a gathering of people from different walks of life, as well as students, prominent teachers from Iran and other countries. Thanks are due to Allah, these programs have been warmly welcomed as they have proved to be useful.
Shi’ism Basic Studies Workgroup

One of the consequences of the development of communications and cross-regional dialogue is the large-scale dissemination of school ideas which require, more than ever before, a scholarly presentation of religious concepts as well as clarification of the existing ambiguities surrounding these concepts. This has definitely led to a new mission for religious scholars. It goes without saying that correcting and addressing the deficiencies in this regard cannot be made possible except through detailed and rigorous studies. Shi’ism studies which were until recently conducted more or less within the religion have now been welcomed across the world with scientists and orientalists delving into it trying to explore from different dimensions. Shi’ism studies on various theological, ideological and historical areas are not restricted to religious epistemology but they have been conducted by scholars and orientalists over the history with different political and scientific motives. In recent decades, however, Shi’ism studies have witnessed significant growth. Henry Corbin says in his dialogue with Allamah Tabatabai: Orientatlists who have, so far, obtained scientific information from Islam and the studies they have conducted in Islamic books as well as their communications have been entirely within a Sunni environment not transcending the thoughts and beliefs of Sunni scholars and their works. Having said that, since Shiite scientific centers are the only centers in charge of studying and doing research on Shiite beliefs and in view of the fact that there is a growing demand for scientific knowledge about Shia beliefs and its doctrines, Islamic Truths Centre has set up a special workgroup under the auspices of His Eminence, Ayatollah Milani (may Allah grant him long life) to organize and coordinate Shi’ism studies. The mission of Shi’ism Studies Workroup is defined in two parts: research and information

In this part, basic research in Shi’ism’s history, cognitive foundations, theological thoughts and jurisprudential systems are on the agenda to help facilitate scientific dialogue. This will be done by presenting a sound and modern reading of Shi’ism’s authentic and genuine thinking.

Considering that the strategy of Shi’ism Basic Studies Workgroup is to provide the necessary material for creating and maintaining a high profile in the macro level of scientific information, therefore creating balance and connection between scientific data in an evangelical atmosphere is on the Workgroup’s agenda. Obviously, translation and publication of research findings into some of the widely-spoken languages of the world and keeping a high profile presence in the cyberspace or the internet world would be one of the main media policies of the Workgroup. In line with this goal and to help improve the quality of the activities conducted by the Centre, Shi’ism Basic Studies Workgroup is prepared to receive comments, helpful suggestions and criticisms. It welcomes all kinds of scholarly interactions and academic cooperation with teachers and scholars who can contribute with their innovative thoughts and research works. We hope Allah, the Exalted, will help us to succeed in achieving our goals, so that we will earn His satisfaction and that of the Ahl al-Bayt, peace be upon them.