A Distortion in Thaqalain Tradition



Thaqalayn narration is a famous and well-known narration that is reported by [both] Sunnites and Shiites. Hundreds of prominent narrators and narration memorizers belonging to various centuries, have narrated this narration from around forty male and female companions of the Holy Prophet (s), using numerous ways.

Since there is no objection about the reporters and the content of this narration, some self-interested figures have fabricated the narration of adherence to Book (Qur’an) and Tradition (prophet’s tradition) [instead of Qur’an and Prophet’s progeny] as two weighty things. The Holy Prophet (s) according to this narration which is quoted by Sunnites, said:

 “I am leaving two precious things among you: Allah’s Book and my tradition.”

It is worth mentioning that according to some sources the Holy Prophet (s) said this word in his speech in Farewell Hajj.

The present pamphlet studies this narration and its reporters, critically examines them and shows the truth to those who seek it.


Al-Sayyid ʿAlī al-Ḥusaynī al-Mīlānī

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